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Monday, July 12, 2010

Kyron Horman's stepmother: Terri Horman accused of having an affair

Kyron Horman's stepmother: Terri Horman accused of having an affair

As if we need another reason to suspect Terri Horman of doing something to little Kyron, right? Now the former bodybuilder, substitute teacher, and stepmother of the year has been accused of having an affair! The news comes as Kaine Horman (Kyron Horman's father) files more court papers saying that Terri Horman not only violated the terms of the restraining order, but gave copies of the restraining order to her- get this- LOVER!

Of course, the Lover hasn't come forward to share his side of the story, but that's not for the media's lack of trying. I think Jane Velez-Mitchell plans on calling him 24/7 to see if he'll come on the show. So who is this man? His name is Michael Cook and he is a supposed friend of Kaine Horman.

Not only does the court motion say that Terri was involved with Cook, but that he photographed her restraining order papers with a cell phone and had google mapped Kaine Horman's new address. Unfortunately, Terri had to know where she was to be restrained from- otherwise it would probably be best NOT to let Terri and her alleged Lover know where Kaine and Kiara are hiding.

So, according to the court documents, Terri took naked photos of herself, and sent nasty text messages to Michael Cook, after Kyron disappeared.

So much for being torn up, broken hearted and grieving for a boy you raised since birth!

Why in the world is Terri Horman still free? My gosh, not only is she free but she hasn't even been named a suspect.

Can we not arrest people for attempted murder plots in this country or what?

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