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Monday, July 12, 2010

Terri Horman had post partum depression, so what! Tell the truth Terri, Where's Kyron Horman!

Terri Horman had post partum depression, so what! Tell the truth Terri, Where's Kyron Horman!

Does anyone really care if Terri Horman had post partum depression? Her daugher was 19 months old at the time that Kyron Horman disappeared, so it seems unlikely that if Terri is eventually charged with doing something to Kyron she can use Post Partum Depression as a defense. It's also hardly a defense for hiring a hit man to kill your husband.

It is so past time for Terri Horman to tell the truth, is this like the Casey Anthony case or what! Seriously, Terri Horman has that same coldness about her that Casey has, only Casey was Caylee Anthony's biological mother.

You know, something else I noticed is the way Desiree Young looked during the first press conference compared to her recent conferences. She is a very beautiful woman and during the first press conferences, she really looked a mess. You could see how much she was hurting for Kyron. Now, she says that she is more angry than hurt (which is a natural psychological progression) and she looks completely different.

Kyron’s parents and stepparents make first public statement (video)

Terri Horman, on the other hand, does not look physically different than she did during the first days of Kyron's disappearance. There is no visible difference showing that she has gone through some emotional turmoil.

Parents hold press conference regarding Terri Horman (videos)

What did she do with Kyron!

I know that she hasn't been charged, hasn't been named a suspect, hasn't even been named a person of interest, but yes, I 100% suspect and blame Terri Horman for Kyron's disappearance.

What sickens me is that she's pulling a Casey Anthony and refusing to open up about it.

It takes a very evil person, in my opinion, to keep a secret like hiding or murdering a child. I don't know how they can do it. How can they live with themselves. Where's the guilt, where's the pain, where's the sorrow, the repentance?

Doesn't anyone have a conscience anymore? Has the world gone so far into evil that people simply don't know the difference between right and wrong?

Look, if you don't know listen to me, I'll spell it out really easy for you- in fact- it's so easy a five year old can understand.

Murdering children is wrong- loving and caring for children is good.

There! Wasn't that simple!

Now why can't these people understand that! I tell you, the world would be a better place if people actually believed in hell and believed that they'd go there if they hurt children.

I believe in hell- and it's when I see the sickest, most evil things that people do that I believe in it all the more.

People need to be punished for their sins and when it comes to hurting children, you better believe you aren't getting a free pass in this life to go live in eternal bliss...

I hope these women remember what it felt like to be in labor, because I believe the pain they'll feel in hell will be like labor pains magnified 1000 times and never ending!

Post partum depression, are you serious!

If there's any hope for these people, any true salvation, they need to repent of their sins and come clean, tell the truth Terri Horman.

Where is Kyron!

What did you do to him?

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