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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Casey Anthony hearing March 2, 2011: Yuri Melich, Casey Anthony cries, Miranda rights (videos, photos)

Casey Anthony hearing March 2, 2011: Yuri Melich, Casey Anthony cries, Miranda rights (videos, photos)

Mommy's Little Girl: Casey Anthony and her Daughter Caylee's Tragic FateOn March 2, 2011, Casey Anthony returned to court for what may be the most invaluable aspect of her trial.  Over the course of four days, Casey’s attorneys would defend their motions before Judge Perry trying to determine what will and won’t be allowed in the May 4th trial.  On March 2, 2011, Cindy Anthony, George Anthony and Lee Anthony arrived at the Orange County courthouse along with detectives from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.  The detectives would provide crucial testimony in the first moments that Caylee Anthony, then two-years-old, had been reported missing.

First to be debated before Judge Perry was the debate over statements made by an employee of the Orange County Jail.  Detective Yuri Melich delivered testimony about his encounter as a first responder to the Anthony house in Orlando.  WFTV provides the best video coverage of the Casey Anthony hearing and will more than likely lead the way during Casey’s May 4, 2011 trial.  They do not provide embedded videos but you can click the link and view Casey’s hearings in full at their website.  Here are links to Yuri Melich’s testimony delivered on March 2, 2011.  Yuri Melich testimony: Pt. 1 Of 4 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4  In fact, the videos are crisp and clear as WFTV now uses a satellite feed for live streaming as well.  I highly recommend watching WFTV for live coverage during Casey Anthony’s Florida trial.

Following Yuri Melich’s testimony was Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother.  When Cindy Anthony took the stand, Casey Anthony began crying.  Casey is continually under a microscope, especially when it comes to her emotions.  This is most in due to media coverage she attained during the early weeks and months of Caylee’s reported disappearance as she never showed public emotion about Caylee’s disappearance.  The public never once saw Casey Anthony shed tears over her lost, missing daughter and it is mostly out of public curiosity to discover what makes Casey Anthony cry.  Anyway, Casey was crying when Cindy Anthony took the stand.

You may see video from Cindy Anthony’s testimony here: WFTV: Cindy Anthony testifies March 2, 2011 Part 1 of 3 | Part 2 | Part 3

Cindy looked as if she’s gained 40 or so pounds since her granddaughter disappeared and there is no doubt this process is extremely tiring and troubling for George, Cindy and Lee.  Cindy described Casey’s original arrest in July 2008, and was cross examined by Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick.  It doesn’t appear the prosecution will have any difficulty showing Casey Anthony as a dishonest girl as she has already been convicted for check fraud.  Cindy Anthony was asked about  the times Casey Anthony stole money from her.

But I Trusted You: Ann Rule's Crime Files #14When Cindy was questioned by Cheney Mason regarding calling the police in July she answered, “Our goal was to find Caylee.”  That may be a pitiful attempt by Mason to make it appear that Cindy wasn’t as concerned with Casey’s stealing but it will doubtfully impress the jury as Casey is already convicted of stealing from Amy Huizenga.

It was a long day in court and following Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s father, George Anthony took the stand: WFTV Part 1 of 2 | Part 2

 Jose Baez questioned George.  George was very emotional.

Pure Murder (Pinnacle True Crime)After George testified Ryan Erberlin, an Orange County deputy took the stand.  He had spoken with Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony’s brother the night Caylee was reported missing.  One of the most crucial developments made by Ryan Eberlin is that he did not read Casey Anthony her Miranda Rights.  This is due to the fact that when police arrived at the scene they weren’t investigating Casey as a suspect in a murder case but rather investigating Caylee’s disappearance.  This may prove crucial in trial and it is unclear how far this development could be used in the defense’s favor.


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