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Friday, March 4, 2011

Casey Anthony trial: Defense late for pre trial hearing, (videos, photos)

Casey Anthony trial: Defense late for pre trial hearing, (videos, photos)

Judge Belvin Perry is a no nonsense Judge and this morning, the defense and Casey Anthony were seven minutes late for the proceedings.  The defense was scolded and Judge Perry has made it clear that he has additional cases to hear and has told both the defense and State of Florida to move quickly with their motions and arguments.  Today’s hearing was a surprise as it was believed the state and defense would be finished with their motions yesterday.

The pretrial hearing has been emotional to say the least as Casey broke down in tears and emotions ran rampant in her family members: George, Cindy and Lee.  Under question today is whether or not proper procedures were followed during the early part of the search for Caylee.  Focus was placed on the possibility that instead of conducting a missing child search for Caylee, investigators encouraged Casey’s family members to speak with her alone, trying to get information out of her.  This allegation was denied by first responder Detective Yuri Melich.

One tense moment was when Casey’s brother, Lee Anthony, took the stand and mouthed the words to Casey, “I love you.”  Casey Anthony remained looking at her notebook and didn’t respond.
Today marks the third day in the Casey Anthony pretrial hearing.

You may see videos to the left from the hearing and photos of Casey and Caylee Anthony in the links below.  You may watch live coverage of the Casey Anthony pretrial hearings, as well as her live trial that begins May 4, 2011 at MyFox Orlando.
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Video: Casey Anthony pretrial hearing

Video: Casey Anthony in court for pretrial hearings

Slideshows: Casey and Caylee Anthony

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