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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celina Cass autopsy report back but inconclusive, waiting on toxicology testing

Celina Cass autopsy report back but inconclusive, waiting on toxicology testing

The body of 11-year-old Celina Cass underwent an autopsy early Tuesday, but authorities have stated the results were inconclusive.  Celina Cass disappeared from her West Stewartson, New Hampshire home on July 25, 2011 prompting an intense search for the missing fifth grader.  She was described as a shy child who loved sports and a photo of Celina wearing a basketball uniform was widely publicized in hopes of finding Celina alive.  Those hopes came to a crashing halt on August 1, 2011 when her body was located in the Connecticut River.

 Though authorities have not stated how long they believe she had been in the water, senior assistant State Attorney General Jane Young said that her death was suspicious.  That statement has caused many to infer there was something evident that led them to believe she did not die of natural causes.  Jane Young has not stated why toxicology reports will be performed on the child, a person of interest has not been named.  At this point in the investigation, authorities have refrained from using the word “homicide.”

In spite of the fact that authorities have not named a person of interest, growing speculation amongst Internet users, bloggers and those on the Amber Alerts and Missing Children Cases Facebook page have expressed growing concern regarding Celina’s stepfather Wendell Noyes.  Noyes was seen collapsing in the street during the search for Celina and was hospitalized briefly.  His collapse occurred before searchers discovered her body.  A look into Noyes’ past has brought more concern as there are reports he was previously diagnosed as schizophrenic.  Still, CNN interviewed Celina’s biological father, Adam Laro, who stated he had recently inquired as to how things were for Celina living with her mother and stepfather.

He reported that she had said everything was fine.

We’ll have more for you when the toxicology reports are in.

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