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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Is Mother of Bryeon Hunter Murderer or Victim of Battered Woman's Syndrome?

There is terrible news in the case of missing 1-year-old boy Bryeon Hunter, and it has resulted in the arrest of his mother and her boyfriend. Prosecutors state that Bryeon's mother brutally beat her son with a belt while her boyfriend covered the child's mouth then participated by beating him with plastic hangers. One day following the beating, the child died in the home, the Chicago Tribune reports. Both Lakeisha Baker, 22 and her boyfriend Michael Scott 21, have been arrested and charged with the boy's death. His body has not been found.

What is interesting about the Chicago Tribune's report, is that the perpetrator of the hideous crime is portrayed as Lakeisha Baker. Baker, however, appeared before the judge with two black eyes.

Did Lakeisha Baker kill her son or is she covering for Michael Scott?

Apparently, the prosecution believes she was the perpetrator as she is being held without bond while Scott's bail was set at $750,000.

According to the report, Scott took the child's body and placed it somewhere. Authorities continue to search for the child's remains. The couple had contacted authorities and stated that three Hispanics attacked Baker, beat her and abducted her son. An Amber Alert was issued, but authorities quickly grew doubtful of the couple's story.

Did Baker take a beating to her face in order to make her story seem plausible? The defense stated in the Chicago Tribune's report that their version of events differs greatly from the prosecutor's and alleges that Lakeisha Baker has been the victim of domestic abuse for an ongoing period.

Did Lakeisha Baker kill her son or is she taking the blame for Scott?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Lakeisha Baker's attorney Irv Frazin said regarding his client's take on the prosecutor's case.

"Well, she denies all that. We’ll get into that later. That’s their version. The defense version is entirely different.” 

Frazin claimed his client regularly suffered abuse at the hands of her boyfriend. “I’m not going to talk about any of the facts that are going to come out in trial, but I can tell you she’s been abused and beaten on a regular basis. She’s been hospitalized regularly by a man who is in the lock-up with her,” Frazin said.

Michael Scott, Lakeisha Baker held on charges of murdering 1-year-old Bryeon Hunter

One thing is certain, Bryeon Hunter is dead, and he didn't have to die. His little life was snuffed out way before his time. One look in this child's eyes, and you can see within one year of his life, he has suffered great pain.

The following video contains an up-to-date news report and comments by YouTube user MRSUPERBOY222 who speaks to the African American community regarding issues he believes are contributing to child abuse and murder. (warning, the following video contains a few profanities).

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