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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ohio missing women found: Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight (videos)

Official Update on Ohio Missing Women Case

On May 6, 2013, an Ohio woman missing more than 10 years called 911 to ask for police to be sent to 2207 Seymour Avenue as she had just escaped being held
Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus
against her will for 10 years. The details slowly emerged in the frantic call Amanda Berry placed from a neighbor's phone.

Charles Ramsey, who lived across the street from what is turning out to be a house of horrors, spoke to media outlets and explained how he and friend Angel Cordero broke down the door to free the woman trapped inside.

Charles Ramsey stated, "This girl is kicking the door and screaming, so I go over there ... and I say, 'Can I help? What’s going on?' And she says, 'I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been in this house a long time. I want to leave right now.'"

Listen below for an interview with Charles Ramsey as well as Amanda Berry's 911 call 

Click here for a transcript from Charles Ramsey's interview with NewsNet 5.

Though Ramsey helped pull the woman to safety, he didn't fully realize just who the woman was. Amanda Berry was the subject of a missing child investigation when the teen who worked at Burger King left home at approximately 7:30 p.m. April 21, 2003, headed for work. It was one day before she would turn 17.

Once Charles Ramsey realized who the woman was he had helped rescue, he was shocked. He said he thought Amanda Berry was dead.

Berry begged for police to come quickly, before the owner of the house arrived home. She said his name was Ariel Castro, and when police arrived, they found other women in the home who had been kidnapped and helped against their will.

Here is a transcript from Amanda Berry's frantic 911 call to police moments after she was freed.

Amanda Berry 911 Call Transcript

Caller Amanda Berry: Help me. I'm Amanda Berry.

911 Dispatcher: You need police, fire, ambulance?

Caller Amanda Berry: I need police.

911 Dispatcher: OK, and what's going on there?

Caller Amanda Berry:  I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years, and I'm, I'm here, I'm free now.

911 Dispatcher: OK, and what's your address?

Caller Amanda Berry: 2207 Seymour Avenue.

911 Dispatcher: 2207 Seymour. Looks like you're calling me from 2210.

Caller Amanda Berry: Huh?

Dispatcher: Looks like you're calling me from 2210.

Caller: I can't hear you.

911 Dispatcher: Looks like you're calling me from 2210 Seymour.

Caller Amanda Berry: I'm across the street; I'm using the phone.

911 Dispatcher: OK, stay there with those neighbors. Talk to police when they get there.

Caller Amanda Berry: (Crying)

911 Dispatcher: OK, talk to police when they get there.

Caller Amanda BerryOK. Hello?

911 Dispatcher: OK, talk to the police when they get there.

Caller Amanda Berry: OK (unintelligible).

911 Dispatcher: We're going to send them as soon as we get a car open.

Caller Amanda Berry: No, I need them now before he gets back.

911 Dispatcher: All right; we're sending them, OK?

Caller Amanda Berry: OK, I mean, like ...

911 Dispatcher: Who's the guy you're trying -- who's the guy who went out?

Caller Amanda Berry: Um, his name is Ariel Castro.

911 Dispatcher: OK. How old is he?

Caller Amanda Berry: He's like 52.

911 Dispatcher: And, uh -

Caller Amanda Berry: I'm Amanda Berry. I've been on the news for the last 10 years.

911 Dispatcher: I got, I got that, dear. (Unintelligible) And, you say, what was his name again?

Caller Amanda Berry: Uh, Ariel Castro.

911 Dispatcher: And is he white, black or Hispanic?

Caller Amanda Berry: Uh, Hispanic.

 911 Dispatcher: What's he wearing?

Caller Amanda Berry: I don't know, 'cause he's not here right now. That's why I ran away.

911 Dispatcher: When he left, what was he wearing?

Caller Amanda Berry: Who knows (unintelligible).

911 Dispatcher: The police are on their way; talk to them when they get there.

Caller Amanda Berry: Huh? I - OK.

911 Dispatcher: I told you they're on their way; talk to them when they get there, OK.

Caller Amanda Berry: All right, OK. Bye.

Some have remarked they didn't like the way the 911 dispatcher handled the call. Though 911 dispatchers are trained to be professional and remain unemotional, it may be in their best interest to handle every call as it may be the one that breaks a case.

Do you think the dispatcher should have stayed on the phone with Amanda Berry until police arrived?

Police Arrive and Discover Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus

Rescued from the home belonging to Ariel Castro was Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and a six-year-old girl believed to have been born to Amanda Berry during her captivity.

Cleveland Police held a press conference announcing the miraculous discovery, case updates and developments. Cleveland police said Ariel Castro, 52; Pedro Castro 54; Oneil Castro, 50 were taken into police custody and are being held ads the main suspects n the kidnappings of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath spoke during a press conference and addressed past information regarding calls for service at the home owned by Ariel Castro at 2207 Seymour Avenue. He stated there had been two calls, one in 2000 and a another in 2004. It was learned that Ariel Castro worked as a school bus driver for the Cleveland Municipal School District, and at one point, left a child on a school bus.

No charges were filed in that incident.

As the investigation continues into Ariel Castro and his brothers, more questions will arise as to how he managed to hide away three women in his home for a decade while going virtually undetected.

As of this time, no charges have been filed, but they are expected to come soon.

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