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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Levon Wameling Photos, Twitter, Latest News Updates and Live Videos

Levon Wameling Latest News Updates

June 14, 2013 updates

Levon Wameling Update June 14, 2013: Police continue searching for missing 9-month-old Levon who they believe disappeared on or around May 27, 2013. Levon's mother Amy Warney was in rehab when the boy went missing while under the care of his father. Jevon Wameling failed to report his son's disappearance for two weeks.

Though authorities have not officially named Jevon Wameling a suspect in Jevon's disappearance, they did say he was uncooperative and lawyered up. You may see updated videos in the playlist.

New York authorities are asking residents to search their properties for evidence related to little Levon's disappearance.

June 13, 2013 updates

On June 13, 2013, authorities with the Utica Police Department continued their efforts to locate missing 9-month-old Levon Wameling. According to the boy's father Jevon Wameling, he left the boy unattended on his front porch on May 27, 2013, then failed to report him missing for two weeks. The case has caused many to relive the Casey Anthony/Caylee Anthony case where Casey Anthony failed to report her child missing for 31 days.

Though Casey Anthony was tried and acquitted of first-degree murder, many believe that she did in fact murder her two-year-old daughter by suffocating her with duct tape. Authorities have not said whether they believe Levon Wameling is alive or dead, but they are seeking the public's help in locating him or clues regarding his disappearance.

Many states passed a law following the Casey Anthony trial ensuring that parents who fail to report a missing child would be charged with a felony crime. It is called Caylee's Law. Unfortunately, New York has not established Caylee's Law in their state.

When asked during a press conference whether the child's father was cooperating, authorities stated that the father has lawyered up and is not speaking with them.

Anyone with information about Levon’s whereabouts can call the Utica Police Department at 315-223-3510 or 315-735-3301.

Latest News Videos in Search for Levon Wameling (Updated June 15, 2013)


Levon Wameling Live Videos from WSYR
NewsChannel 9 at 5:00, 5:30 & 6:00
5:00 - 6:30 pm: Watch NewsChannel 9 newscasts live on your computer.

Levon Wameling Thread on Websleuths

Facebook: City of Utica, NY Police Department

Levon Wameling Photos

Missing Levon Wameling Facebook


DOB: Aug 30, 2012
Missing: May 29, 2013
Height: 2'0" (61cm)
Eyes: Brown
Race: Biracial
Age Now: 9 Month(s)
Sex: Male
Weight: 20lbs (9kg)
Hair: Black
Missing From:
United States
Levon was last seen at his home on May 29, 2013. He is biracial; Levon is Black and White.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
Utica Police Department (New York) 1-315-735-3301


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