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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Holly Bobo case: Grand Jury convenes, will charges be filed? (videos)

Holly Bobo: Family Photo
New reports indicate that a grand jury has convened in the case of missing Tennessee woman Holly Bobo. Bobo was 20-years-old and a nursing student when she disappeared from her home on April 13, 2011. While there have been several leads in the case, it wasn't until last weekend that the case seemed
to take a definite twist. Search warrants were executed and several people were questioned in relation to the missing girl. One man's property was searched and cadaver dogs were on the scene. His name is Zachary Adams, and at this point, has not been named a suspect in the case.

According to reporter Chris Conte, a special grand jury was convened on March 5, 2014, at 1 pm to determine whether charges would be filed in the case. It is unclear what those charges would be or whom they would be filed against. There will be a live press conference today at 5 pm ET and it is expected all of these questions will be addressed.

You may find the latest information and updates regarding the grand jury and Holly Bobo case in the Tweets by Chris Conte below.

Click Here to Watch the Holly Bobo Live Press Conference

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